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There is also an archival collection of transcribed human interest stories with images relating to local characters both famous and infamous of a past and present generation of people from the many closely knit communities in West Belfast
 such as The Pound Loney The Lower Wack (Lower Falls)
The material spans the whole period of the Troubles from the late 1960's to the present day. The photographic and audio collection and written stories are particularly interesting for the manner in which they reveal the social lives of working-class people in Belfast (West Belfast and the Lower Falls area in particular) during the early years of the Troubles,
recording their living, working and social conditions.
The Shankill Road and Ligoniel.
The stories were the result of many interviews carried out by Vincent Dargan and the collection is now in the process of being digitised although it has not yet been possible to catalogue it.
Photographs of individuals (often people who were well-known or carried out a special role in the communities involved such as shop-keepers, Postmen, Binmen, Coalmen,Ragmen, women street traders and Market Dealers etc) are in fact often accompanied with audio footage in which the subjects relate in their own words their life-stories and experiences
of their native area in terms of its history
and the changes they have witnessed.

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The Collection
The collection is comprised of some 20,000 Black & White and Colour photographs (with negatives) 100 C90 audio cassettes 50 (4 hour) VCR video cassettes and 50 hrs of footage on 5 inch 4 track
open reel audio tape and CDs
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