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As a Freelance Photojournalist based in the north of Ireland
Vincent Dargan
worked independently on a series of real life projects throughout the years of the Troubles in his native city of Belfast.
The rewards from those valuable and varied
Street Wise experiences are clearly evident in this remarkable collection.
The Vincent Dargan Collection is a unique
Photographic-Audio and Audio Visual record of Social and Cultural life in Belfast since 1969.
While much of the research material that has emerged on the Troubles to date has focused on the main political and historical events of the last 30 to 40 years and the key figures involved
Political and Paramilitary etc) one of the most interesting aspects of this collection is that it is principally concerned with the large majority of ordinary people and how they lived and survived the changes which occurred mainly in Belfast throughout these years.
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As Published in the  Queens University Database

Website http://www.ark.ac.uk/cgi-bin/qual/qualdb.pl?full=135

The Vincent Dargan Photographic Collection
A Social History of Belfast since 1969
in Photographs - Audio Cassette - Video and Digital format

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