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Letters from our Customers
Hello Stringer
Many thanks for sending me the image of Ton Street, I was off work last week (I am only back to work today, I was off with a tummy bug) but Igot the photo on Friday morning and rang my work colleague which he picked up from my house and he gave to his father who is from Ton Street, and he was absolutely delighted
it was like giving him a million pound.
Regards Patricia
Growing up in Milford Street and seeing the photos from around that area you
forget how hard it must have been for our parents and just remember what it
was like playing in the streets with your mates in what seemed like a
paradise of care free days we have photos of  holy 'processions'  down the
street but just snippets and don't show the street outlook
I was able to see two photos of Barrack Street , my Grannies was No.40
It has been nice making contact with you and if you remember and have the
time , please let me know when you are 'back up and running' with your
website and i will certainly contact you again
Best Regards Tom
I was pleasantly surprised to get your e-mail today, it's always
nice to hear from anyone who lived in the Lower Falls area.  Yes I was in
the same class as Seamus Fox and also Mickey Hall from Slate St.  Seamus is
now deceased, (May 2002) and Mickey hall has been in Los Angles,
I am in touch with him regularly.I don't recall any Tierney's from Slate St,
(were they related to the McConvilles) but a very good pal was Jackie Tierney from McDonnell Street, his father Paddy was a soldier in WW2, would he have been any relation? I now live in Ballycastle, North Antrim, but I still have contacts with a
few other old school pals and next week I'll be in Belfast and I'll make
some enquiries on your behalf.  It was a small area and someone will know,
so until then, all the best for now. John Weir
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