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How we used to live....... Belfast ....... 1950s -1970s

Belfast in the mid 1950's
Amidst a true sense of community where doors were always open and neighbours were there to help each other.

Where a television set was still a novelty and many people were in awe at the sight of the black and white moving image coming from a box in the corner of a neighbours room .

Money was hard earned and not easy to come by so street entertainment was the order of the day and would also be a source of income for the more energetic.

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Photographs  by
 Vincent Dargan©2010

Binmen on their weekly collection

street rounds


Is not just a reminisce of our memories past -  it is the graduation of wisdom
as we journey through the university of life.

Quote by
Vincent Dargan ©2010

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Belfast Characters

The Ragmans street cry.
 Any Oul Regs Jampats or Battles

The Right of Passage
Getting Married

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How we used to live

A Way of Life Series
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