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Name:Marshioness St
Product Code: M S 1
Name: Servia St
Product Code: S S 2
Name:Bosnia St
Product Code: B S 3
Name:Servia St
Product Code: S S 4
Name:Belgrade St
Product Code: B S 5
Name:Bosnia St
Product Code: B S 6
Name: Ton St
Product Code: T S 7
Name:McDonnell St
Product Code: M C D 8
Name: Divis St Flats
Product Code: D S F 9
Name: Hastings St
Product Code: H S 10
Name:We Mc Donnell St
Prod Code: WE MC D 11
Name:We Mc Donnell St
Prod Code: WE MC D 12
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Belfast Images
West Belfast-Falls Road Streets in the 1970s

This Description Refers to all of the Photographs on this page Each Image Size is 10” x 7”
and is enclosed in a cream coloured slip in mount overall Size 12” x 16”
The finished print is presented in a cellophane protected cover.
The total price includes handling charges postage and protective packing.
When ordering please quote the Product Code or the name of the image.

Click Here to view the Samples of the Framed and Unframed prints

Please Note: No browser enlargements available
In the interest of download speed and due to the large number of images within this website we have decided not to use a browser for viewing enlarged versions of the images when they are selected

Ordering Images on Line

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